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Now Deploy Privacy

Privacy-preserving, Instant-deployable, Industry-ready Decentralized Application Platform

Position Paper(EN)


POLARIS is a platform for building blockchains immediately, without the need for a separate decentralized infrastructure. By improving the speed, scalability, and security of existing blockchains, we have lowered entry barriers to allow various enterprise DApps and software developers to participate in this particular ecosystem.


POLARIS Multiverse

Core Features

  • Speedy

    Increased block processing speed with a new consensus system.

  • Scalable

    Building of various chains on one mainnet with unconstrained interactions between chains.

  • Secure

    Encryption to completely protect sensitive data from external sources.


Sparkle Consensus System

The sparkle consensus system speeds up block processing by limiting the number of verifier nodes based on a consensus algorithm that improves PBFT. On the other hand, The block generators and the verifiers are randomly selected to ensure stability and reliability. Anyone can participate as a block generator candidate that produces and validates blocks. The probability of generating a block is closely related to the profession score, which represents its expertise. This provides the motivation for the block generator to maintain high system specifications and to act honestly.

Companion Chain

Prime Chain

Companion Chain

POLARIS Multiverse

The POLARIS Multiverse is an ecosystem that allows unconstrained interactions between chains. The mainnet consists of one Prime Chain for multiverse operations and a number of Companion Chains for DApp operations. Enterprises and software developers can build a Companion Chain and run it reliably without having a separate infrastructure. In addition, each chain creates blocks independently and operates in parallel so that as the chain grows, the network can be scaled without the need for node expansion or additional systems. If you want to configure the consortium network or change the consensus system, you can simply build a side chain and link it with the mainnet.

polaris privacy

Privacy Preserving and Data Protection

POLARIS uses zero-knowledge proof and asymmetric cryptography techniques to secure anonymity and protect data. Users can protect their privacy such as their transaction history and transaction information. In addition, asymmetric cryptographic techniques between peers allow users to send and receive secret messages among each other.

polaris incorporated

Oracle System

Distributed Secret Vault

Anonymous Messaging Protocol

Incorporated 2nd Layer Platform

POLARIS plans to implement the 2nd layer platform to provide functionality requirements for DApps. We will support reliable oracle system, distributed secret vault, and anonymous messaging protocol.

  • Oracle system allows you to create smart contracts using trusted data.
  • In a distributed secret vault, digital secret such as private keys can be safely stored using the secret sharing technology, in which multiple nodes divide and store digital. secret. information.
  • We will implement a distributed security messaging protocol with complete privacy and untraceability through the anonymous messaging protocol.


  1. 2018

    • CYGNUS- 2018.4Q

      • - POLARIS Testnet Launch
  2. 2019

    • DELPHINUS - 2019.2Q

      • - POLARIS Mainnet Launch
      • - Implementing basic secure data transport function
    • AQUILA-2019.4Q

      • - Supporting Data Protection using zero-knowledge proof
      • - Implementing Sparkle Consensus System
  3. 2020

    • PEGASUS - 2020.2Q

      • - POLARIS SDK Deployment
      • - Industry-specific Frameworks
      • - Adopting on-chain governance


Introducing Project POLARIS

POLARIS is a blockchain platform that protects user data. Dapps which require a high level of security can be built on the POLARIS. The team is developing a decentralized secure messenger which makes use of POLARIS blockchain platform as well.


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